Electrical Field Evaluation/Special Inspection
(CSA SPE-1000)

Vision Integrity is here to help you navigate evaluations and inspections with our specialized team.

When importing or custom manufacturing equipment in Canada, electrical safety is crucial. That is why the Canadian Electrical Code mandates that all electrical equipment must be evaluated and approved for use. Field Evaluations/Special Inspections are most often required on electrical equipment that is modified, custom built, or produced in limited quantities. Vision Integrity is here to help you navigate this process with our Field Evaluation/Special Inspection team. We are an inspection body accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and perform field evaluations/special inspections to CSA SPE-1000 and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). Our inspectors have over a decade of industry experience in a variety of different applications. We ensure your equipment conforms to all CEC standards and CSA SPE-1000 specifications. We have expertise with regulations, codes, standards, safety, and quality assurance.

CSA SPE-1000

ISO 17020

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