Vision Integrity Acquires the Olympus Flexoform

Vision Integrity Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of the Olympus Flexoform to our non-destructive testing capabilities. The Flexoform gives Vision Integrity a strong money- and time-saving advantage when performing phased array ultrasonic testing on a pipe elbow. This technology allows us to easily detect flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC), which causes pipe elbows to become vulnerable to potential corrosion damage. Without the Flexoform, inspecting a pipe elbow can be a challenge due to their changing shapes and various possible diameters. With the state-of-the-art Olympus Flexoform, Vision Integrity provides thorough phased array scanning capabilities with 100% coverage of the pipe elbow. It can be used to scan a variety of pipe diameters, from 4.5 inches OD to a flat surface.

The Flexoform produces high-resolution data, so that our clients can be confident in the findings, and interpret and understand the data with ease. With this addition to our NDT capabilities, Vision Integrity gives clients definitive readings on wall thickness, corrosion pitting, and mid-wall lamination or inclusions on pipe elbows.

Acquiring new and innovative technologies that allow us to continuously provide our clients with a variety of services is just one of the ways Vision Integrity ensures we meet the needs of every client.